Corporate & Commercials

Q: What does it cost?
A: We don’t know either, but we know how to find out. We ask you questions to learn about your needs and goals, then we recommend a plan with a proposal. Most types of video shoots we do are priced in half-day and full-day increments per man. Post production at Eugeneworks.com is billed at $110 per hour. You may or may need an on-camera talent. Perhaps your video requires complex animations or rental of a specific location. Every job is different, and we can tell you that we can and do create web videos and TV ads ranging in cost between $500 and $50,000. We don’t know what yours will cost yet.
Q: Can you include footage from a movie or a specific song I want?
A: No. While it is possible for you to be licensed to use a clip or song you want, it is virtually never cost-effective and we won’t use it without clearance.
Q: Will making my video be disruptive to my business?
A: Maybe. It depends on what the business is and on what we need to shoot. What’s more important is that we always strive to work as efficiently as possible in regards to time and money. That means we, too, want to operate in the least obtrusive manner we can, so you can still run your business without interference.
Q: How can video help grow my business, or what can video do for me?
A: If your products need exposure on TV or the Internet, you need a killer video. If you want to be hit hard all over You Tube, you’d better have a powerful video. If you find yourself spending too much time and money training employees, you definitely need training videos! If you ever man a trade show booth, you need a video. If you create a manual or other instructional material for your product’s end user, video is for you.
Q: Can we use footage we shot ourselves?
A: Yes, if you don’t want your video to be any good. No offense, but this is what we do. Why on Earth would you think your footage is going to look like anything other than your footage? There are exceptions.
Q: Can payment terms be arranged?
A: Yes. Written commitments to satisfy your needs and ours and to keep your projects moving forward are available. For example, a project projected to continue for the next year or two might be billed in monthly installments. All major credit cards, as well as PayPal are also accepted for payments to Eugeneworks.com.
Q: How do I begin?
A: The best way is to write down your goals and objectives. What are you trying to achieve- what problems are you trying to solve? Then, make an appointment with us for a complete consultation at no cost to you. That’s when we’ll learn about you and your company, and find out if any of our video tools might work for you. If it appears we can solve problems for you, we’ll draft a proposal. From there, we continue to walk you through all the way, simple and straight forward.

Photo Montages

Q: What about copyrighted photographs?
A: Copyright is a legal protection afforded to the author or artist of a work intended to prevent unauthorized use or duplication of what is rightfully theirs. Copyrighted photos, (from a professional photographer) must be accompanied by written permission from the photographer for inclusion in your montage or they will be removed from the production.
Q: What if the photographer is dead or out of business?
A: Copyright remains in force for 50 years from the date the photo was taken, regardless. There is nothing we can do.
Q: What size photos can we use?
A: From a postage stamp to an 11x14, color or black & white.
Q: Do you restore or repair damaged photos?
A: No, we do not. We can suggest companies who can do this for you. Otherwise, the quality you give us is the quality you get in your montage.
Q: Can you put captions on photos?
A: Yes, one beginning title and one closing title (up to 10 words each) are included; additional captions can be added for a fee.
Q: Can I include video clips in my montage?
A: Yes, call to discuss and receive a quote.
Q: Can you crop photos or zoom in on a specific area of the photo?
A: Yes
Q: Can you combine more than one photo on screen at a time?
A: No, we do not recommend it.
Q: Can slides be included in a photo montage?
A: Yes, there is a small fee each time we switch formats.
Q: Do you edit home videos?
A: It depends, call to discuss details. 

Duplication and Transfers

Q: What does it cost to copy or transfer videotape to DVD?
A: The simple answer is $25 up to 2 hours. However, there can be many variables. Please call to discuss your particular production.
Q: What video formats can you transfer to DVD or CD?
A: We currently handle VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, 8 mm, Hi 8, Mini-DV, HDV, & DVD. Call with inquiries on formats not listed.
Q: Do you transfer old movie film?
A: Yes, we transfer 8 mm, Super-8, & 16 mm silent motion picture film. Pricing starts at 19 cents per foot.
Q: Can you make higher quality duplications and transfers than I can do myself?
A: Typically, yes. Plus, our DVD’s and CD’s are printed directly on disc surface and include a printed sleeve in a DVD library case.
Q: Do you fix damaged video cassettes or “splice” broken tape?
A: No, we do not.
Q: Can you copy a movie or TV show?
A: Not without written permission from the producer.  


Q: Why are there so many different price points between companies?
A: In a nutshell, you get what you pay for. Only you can decide which videographer is right for you, and that choice can be best made after you do your homework. Meet prospective videographers, look at their work, and be sure of what is included in the price. Ask whether the videographer you are meeting is the person who will actually come to your wedding and whether theirs is the work you see on the demo videos. Other factors including level of experience and equipment used should also be considered.
Q: Will a videographer cause all sorts of distraction at my wedding?
A: It depends on the videographer. At Eugeneworks.com, our policy remains and has always been to perform as transparently as possible. We do not interview your guests nor wheel tripods and dollies around on your dance floor. We feel that shooting documentary style makes the best finished DVD, capturing the day you’d planned instead of influencing its outcome.
Q: Do you shoot in Hi-Definition?
A: Yes, all our work is shot in HD.
Q: Do you have back-up equipment?
A: Yes, always.
Q: What do you wear to my wedding?
A: Typically, a suit. Other attire can be worn including a tuxedo upon request. We feel that a suit allows us to blend into the background more effectively.
Q: Why do you charge sales tax on the entire contract price?
A: Because that is what the Department of Revenue demands. Others who are not doing so will have a bad day if they are ever audited- we’ve been randomly audited and have been assured that we are doing it in the way the law requires.
Q: How long do you remain at my wedding?
A: That depends on the package you purchase. Most packages include no time limitations.
Q: How long is my finished DVD?
A: Typically, 60-90 minutes long.
Q: When will I receive my video?
A: If you have given us what we need to do the work, i.e. your song choice for the hi-lites recap, your finished wedding day motion picture will be ready in 8-10 weeks.
Q: Can I speak with others whose wedding videos you produced?
A: Sure! Start by looking at this video on our  testimonials page, then call if you’d like some names and numbers.
Q: Do you work well at multiple venues and with various photographers?
A: Yes! We are personal friends with a great many function facilitators and photographers in the area, who recommend us highly and who have contracted us to produce their own wedding and corporate videos.
Q: Will you travel anywhere?
A: Yes. Anything under 2 hours at no additional fee. Charges may apply for distance or overnight travel. Call with your particulars to ascertain a price.
Q: Should I feed my videographer?
A: Yes! While we do not require it in our contract, it is mere common sense to acknowledge that no one does their best work hungry. Don’t you want our best work?

*Attention Video Pros

Can other studios retain Eugene?
Other studios often retain Eugene DiFrancesco in the capacity of Cameraman, Lighting Cameraman, Lighting Director, Director, Director of Photography, and more. He brings an uncommon level of commitment and creativity to every shoot, and has a reputation for raising the bar of professionalism on every production. That makes you look good to your client, while diminishing your on-the-job hassle.
DiFrancesco's current arsenal of equipment includes:
Cameras: 2 Sony Z-1U’s, 1 Sony A-1.
Lighting: Arri Softbank IV 5 instrument kit, Lowel 4 instrument kit, plus Rifa lights, 6X6 silk, assorted grip, overhead boom stand on wheels, multiple control goodies, know-how.
Editing: Edius desktop, Edius/Sager portable computer w/17" ultra-hi-res. screen.
Other: Samson & Sony wireless mics, Ben-Q DLP projector w/7' screen, various add'l. playback devices, sound reinforcement, AV carts, etc.
Some of the many studios for whom Eugene has performed include: Davideo Company, Brilliant Video Productions, ABC News, Bonvisage Group, Warner Bros., Gifford Productions, Nat'l. Video Reporters/Stream Productions, Diversified Video, Northeast Media Productions, SC Videography, Eye Candy Productions, Champion Video Productions, McCarthy Video Productions, and many more.